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Imperial Foundation Box


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The Imperial Trading Post is the central hub for commerce across the seven seas!  Dock your ships and bring in your goods to trade.  Buy supplies for your next adventure and set sail!  The Imperial Trading Post is a great way to expand your reach across the oceans whether your part of the imperial fleet or a simple merchant!

I've always felt like there were more pirate sets than there were imperial sets, which seemed a bit unbalanced to me.  With the release of Barracuda Bay I thought it fitting to have a place for the Imperial Fleet to visit as well!

While I was working on this I decided to split it up, and turn it into something similar to the Minecraft Crafting Box(s).  So, I created four smaller sets that can be combined into one giant set.  Instead of having the traditional "3-in-1" creator sets--building three completely different models--the four models created from this set complement each other.  The Imperial Foundation Box contains exactly 2,000 pieces, giving you all the necessary pieces to create each model.  Combine four sets and you can create the massive Imperial Trading Post!  Or, let your imagination run wild and create your own masterpiece!

The Imperial Foundation Box would have instructions to complete each of the following models:
The Dock: 1,400 pieces
The Lighthouse: 1,600 pieces
The Market: 1,000 pieces
The Barracks:1,900 pieces
Buy multiple sets and combine them!  Docks + Lighthouse + Market + Barracks = Imperial Trading Post

The 2,000 pieces includes 6 imperial guards.

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