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Beach Cafe


You can anticipate your next holiday with a visit to this Beach Café. The Café sits in a rocky corner between the promenade and a rock outcrop. The tide can bring the sea all the way in to the promenade so the Café is raised on stilts and customers can dine while over the water. The Café also has lights so that it can be open all day and lots of parasols so that customers can find shade on a hot sunny day.

The Café serves, pizza, sandwiches, croissant, cakes and ice creams with a variety of drinks.

On the beach a family has set up their sun beds and are building a sandcastle complete with a moat that is supplied by a channel dug out to the edge of the sea.

This model was inspired by a Café on the Spanish Island of Tenerife.

Dimensions - The model is on a 48 x 48 base, there are 16 minifigs, 3 birds, 2 starfish and a crab. There are 1147bricks.

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