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Birch Bakery


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Thank you to all of you who have taken an interest in my ideas and have taken a look.

Birch Bakery is a project that was born from the desire to express the excitement you feel at a bakery as a set.
In addition to bread and pizza baked in a stone oven, we also sell donuts and soft serve ice cream.
From the large window at the back of the store, you can see the baker baking delicious bread.


  • The building is characterized by a stone kiln chimney.
  • There is a window that allows you to see inside the restaurant (decorated with flowers)
  • Birch tree(The Birch Bakery sign uses parts of 10270 bookshop, so a birch tree was planted in honor)
  • Lighting (store front)
  • bicycle
  • Black cat

inside of shop

  • vase
  • Foliage plant
  • Bread display shelf
  • checkout counter
  • Soft serve ice cream machine
  • Large windows with a view of the kitchen


  • Stone kiln (with firewood)
  • Ventilation fan
  • refrigerator
  • Telephone and map (Reservations and deliveries can be accepted.)
  • Ice machine (there is ice in open the door)
  • Commercial sink
  • Donut fryer (There is a range hood on the top that sends oily smoke and odors to the exhaust duct on the roof.)
  • Dough conditioner (workbench integrated type)*This is a machine that automatically manages temperature and humidity, allowing the bread dough to be fermented at the desired time. It can also be used as a freezer/refrigerator.


  • skylight
  • Solar power system
  • Outdoor unit
  • Exhaust duct

・6 minifigures
・about 2,336 parts

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Thank you to all of you who have taken an interest in my ideas and have taken a look.
thank you very much


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