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Tales of the Space Age

The dream of space is one of the great unifying dreams of humankind. For centuries, we've been looking up towards worlds so much different from our. Myself a space and science fiction nerd, I wanted to share some of this dream with other fans of LEGO. Here is my attempt.


There are so many iconic tropes in the science fiction mythology... I've decided to depict three of them in a style of classic posters and book covers from the 80s. The idea was to keep the same visual style with different colors for each "tale" and to present the scenes in minimalistic fashion.

The resulting three-piece display set shows an overarching story and offers a lot of flexibility in how it can be arranged. Each picture is physically independent of the others, so you can present only your favorite one if they wish so. Or go all in and place all three of them next to each other - the models look great this way both on a bookshelf and on a wall.

I believe the set would make a lovely addition to any space geek's collection (be it LEGO, SF books or movies collection ;) ) and fits well into the existing LEGO portfolio at the intersection of art and space themes.

About the build

This set consists of three pictures of the same size (10.4 cm x 14.7 cm), built in the same manner: the lower section depicts the surface and atmosphere of some celestial body, and the upper section - sky above it.

In the back of each picture, there is a frame of Technic lift arms, which connects topmost layers with bottom ones to ensure the model holds together in all circumstances, even after falling from some height.

Which is essential, since the frame is designed, so it can be hung upon a wall. At the top of the frame there is a Technic hole in the middle, pointing downwards - a perfect point to hang on a hook. Standard wall hooks fit very well, (tested at home).

Back view, showing the frame and attachment point:

Thank you for reading this far. If you like the project, please consider supporting!


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