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Deep Sea Discovery

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Deep Sea Discovery

Dive into the deep and explore an old Shipwreck! You'll be delighted by the life under the sea. The journey to the depths is rewarding as you discover an old ship mangled by the ocean floor, a giant squid and shark lurking bedisde fallen decking, life clinging to rocks, a scuba diver with camera, and a long lost sea dog..Argh!

This would make a great set for anyone interested in ocean exploration. Sea life covers the whole wreck. Detailed decks make for a great display. Anyone who likes shipwrecks would like to have this on thier shelf, perhaps next to a ship in a bottle!

Set would inlcude, 

Giant squid



Navigational map

Scuba diver with camera

Skeleton with sword

Cannon within ship section

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos and let your imagination swim wild!

Any and all comments and questions are more then welcome!

As always, Build On!

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