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Double Helix Coaster


Super Man Ride of Steel MOD

At about 240th comment MasterBuilderBoss99 wrote: "This reminds me of the (Super Man from *Six Flags Derain Lake In Lockport*)." Thank your MasterBuilderBoss99, I think the color scheme is quite nice and different from set number 10261.


Viper Coaster MOD (Six Flags Magic Mountain)


At about 220th comment, Rothriguez said: "It kinda reminds me of the Viper Coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain." Then I modified the digital model a bit and made these Viper Coaster MOD renders. Thank you Rothriguez! for such a helpful comment.

Viper Coaster Front Row POV Six Flags Magic Mountain


Mini movie with a plot twist

I just made an APNG mini movie with a plot twist below. Hope you like it.😀

The plot: The final 10K th support of this project was just a split second too late! The number of days left changed from 1 to 0 just before the mouse was clicked. So the the number of the supporters was reset to 1 instead of reaching 10K. Ofcourse, I got the extended 60 days left. 🤣

In this mimi movie I made the animation of a mouse cursor fall off from the back side of the flag when it was hit by the cart. Then simulate it changing from an arrowhead to a hand when it hovered above the support button, and the yellow color of the button became darker, too.


Many new videos! New night ride! New images!

A small gimmick added: The cars always flip the 🇫🇮 vintage Finland flag6 part by 360° for each contact at banked turn.

Smooth clothoid and circular double loop, then make a banked turn and climb a hill.

The truss structure make it easier to attach Christmas light strips for a night themed ride!. Only this video recorded in HD stereo audio! Use earphones for better experience.

The cars always flips the flag by 360° for each contact. There are five slow-motion shots in different angle start from the middle of this video!

Full HD 1080p slow-mo shot
Lego set number 10261 clothoid loop upgrade kit concept.

*** Donkey Kong Mario themes are NOT included in the actual project and just for reference only. ***

Double clothoid loop concept. Next update maybe double/triple loop with double banked turn.

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