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Double Looping Rollercoaster

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Double Looping Rollercoaster ! ➿🎢💧

Why is Lego the best toy in the world? Because with Lego bricks, we can build cool new stuff every day.

I am very excited to present to you this Double Looping Rollercoaster! ➿🎢 - the best looping Lego roller coaster ever! It is the first ever, and the only one that comes with a clothoid loop (tear-dropped shape loop 💧➰)! Which is the most realistic and most efficient refer to the physics of roller coaster loops.

Double Looping Rollercoaster runs very smooth because of clothoid loops. That's why real roller coasters make their loops teardrop shape but not circular, too. It balances the force better as the curvature is wider when the cart is fast, and steeper when the cart is slow. So it both saves the cart from too much friction at the entrance and exit of the loop, and it keeps a good amount of positive G on top of the loop to prevent it from losing too much energy / momentum.
Preview ⬇️ (mute)

Full video ⬇️

There are 3 slow-motion shots in different angles starting from the middle of this video!
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Full video ⬇️

Full HD 1080p slow-mo shot

The truss structure makes it easier to attach Christmas light strips for a night themed ride!
Please find night ride videos in the updeats tab. (Recorded in HD stereo audio! Use earphones for better experience.)

This is an overview of the tracks:
Leave the station, climb with chain lift to the top (gain gravitational potential energy) ➡️ make a u-turn at the top ➡️ coast the downhill ramp (acceleration) 🎢 ➡️ make the clothoid + circular double loop 💧➿ ➡️ climb a banked turn ➡️ crossing under a rail ➡️ climb a hill ➡️ make a u-turn and cross under the downhill ramp ➡️ cross through the circular loop ➡️ coast the downhill spiral ➡️ return to the station and hook onto the chain of the chain lift (The delay time waiting for the next ride at the station can be programed with NXT or Lego Boost bricks.)

Double Looping Rollercoaster makes the minifigure riders experience an acceleration due to both change in speed and direction just like the real coaster! (variety of G-force). The result is much better than the circular loops as you can clearly see the speed change during the slow-mo videos.

Double Looping Rollercoaster is completely supported by the truss structure Lego parts. The whole structure is very rigid so there is no need to be built on a base plate. It also helps to keep the part count low and make it easier to attach Christmas light strips for a night themed ride (1st video above)! Using the designs and techniques of this roller coaster, you can modify and upgrade the set number 10261 to equip it with a clothoid loop and a banked curve. It also can be a loop track add-on upgrade kit for 10261. You can customize the tracks and change it to any theme you want. The red truss structure goes well with Donkey Kong, steampunk or industrial themes for example. The final product may come with different color schemes that match the famous roller coaster in the real world. For example: 
Red track/blue structure = Superman – Ride of Steel at Six Flags Darien Lake.
Lime rail/orange structure = Boomerang roller coaster which was manufactured and designed by Vekoma, a Dutch manufacturer.
Please check out render images in many different color schemes of these coasters at the updates tab.

Building a loop or a banked turn Lego coaster rail parts is very challenging because there are no specific Lego parts for this. It requires many special connecting techniques for the existing rail parts to work. The whole track must be very smooth and strong enough to handle the force of long time runs and to hold the twisted loops in place. I also want to make all the connections to look nice and minimalistic.

Special connecting techniques for banked curve track (animated building instruction).

Instruction for 2l Rollercoaster Rail
Custom length brick-built rails may be needed when adding a loop.

Standalone Wagon
It was a real challenge to complete this entire project, especially not to make the acceleration ramp too high, especially the setup below which separate the linked carts into standalone wagons with passenger.

Chain Lift
The chain lift system is also more simple to build. There is no need to make the complex horizontal rubber wheel mechanism and plus it can run all day long with no trouble!

There are many chain lift options as followings:

1. Manual hand crank drive.
2. Lego Power Function motor drive.
3. Lego Power Function motor drive with remote control.
4. Lego Boost programming with light and sound effect 
  (Boost App build-in rollercoaster code compatible as shown in my videos).
5. Lego Mindstorm robotic programming operation.

The part count of this set is around 1,800 pcs only! So it will not be expensive.

Double Looping Rollercoaster 3D model
Real-time ray-tracing rendering in next-gen software. There are many more real-time ray-tracing rendering videos in the updates tab.

Thanks very much for your kind support or share this Double Looping Rollercoaster ! ➿🎢link👉

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