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Double Helix Coaster


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DNA is a double helix formed by base pairs attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone.
This Double Helix Coaster is the first-ever, brand new concept for a Lego roller coaster elevator mechanism and track layout. It is equipped with two helix/spiral rails. One is a helix lift using a worm gear gearbox operated by hand crank or a motor to push many carts to the top continuously, another one is a helix slide rail for carts to coast down in a spiral. Both of them were built in the same tower just like the shape of DNA! What makes this design possible? The answer is the cart has a lift hook only on its left side. The hook is inside and pushed by the lift when the cart is climbing. but when the cart coasts down the hook are outside so it will not hit the lift parts.
The helix lift is safer, more reliable, and compact. The whole thing was built on two base plates only.

Connect many new coaster rail parts #80566 “rail 13X13X3 1/3, ¼ circle” to form this beautiful double helix tower.

Use VR box or simply naked eyes 3D on smartphone full screen stereoscopic 3D SBS 4K 2160p 60 fps - on YouTube

First-person onboard view 

60 fps faster carts animation

Close up shot

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