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Outdoors Set


The Out Door Set is a great set for the outdoors lover!
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The details the entire model uses 425 LEGO Bricks
The Hunter Set- Uses 182 LEGO bricks
                              Comes with the Hunter minifigure
                              Hunter Jack is tracking a pig, maybe he will find it soon!
The Fisherman Set-Uses 130 LEGO bricks
                               Comes with the Fisherman minifigure
                                Fisherman Bob is at the best fishing hole enjoying the day!
The Camper Set-Uses 112 LEGO bricks
                              Comes with the Camper minifigure
                               Camper Joe has finished setting up his tent and is now ready for a week in the woods!

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 So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make this a real set!

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