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Age of Empires II

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Update: 14.12.2013:
Update: 18.11.2013:
-Defense structures: Fortified walls, palisade walls, gate, outpost.
Update 08.11.2013:
-Added Castle!
Update 06.11.2013:

Update 05.11.2013:
-Added Stable
Update 02.11.2013:
-Added Dock, with fishing boat.
Update 31.10.2013:
-Added Archery Range, which includes archer, crossbowman, arbalest, skirmisher and elite skirmisher
This project intends to recreate the world of AGE OF EMPIRES 2, my all times favourite RTS game, in Lego form. So far it includes a generic Town Center from the game, and two villagers, one male and one female, and a Scout cavalry to explore the lands you will conquer! I also included a portion of farm and a gold mine so you can gather resources to form your army.
There is also a Barracks building which includes men-at-arms and pikemen!

I am planning to have more buildings and units built in Lego, such as archery range, stables, infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege machines, if the project receives some attention.

How can it be a set idea:
-Since all buildings has a similar colour and design pallet, it can be a single set that could be used to create any one of these buildings. So it will be basically one set with with just enough bricks, and a few instructions. Eg: You would have to disassemble the Town Center if you want to build the Barracks, or the Archery range. Some bricks will be included so you can build the walls, but if you want to build the castle, you just have to buy, let's say, 3 or 4 of the same set so you have enough bricks to build it.

I hope you enjoy it and please leave your comments and criticism! Thanks for looking.
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Defense structures: Fortified walls, palisade walls, gate, outpost.

The trebuchet.

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