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Spongebob Squarepants - The Krusty Krab


Door iterations

Here are some scrapped versions of the Krusty Krab door that I built. The one to the far left is the version in the final model, and the others were previous iterations. Both versions to the right obviously looks so much better shaped, but it was simply too big (I actually did construct a much bigger and more detailed version of the interior...), and the build of the whole door needed close to a hundred pieces which was very inefficient if I wanted to stay below 3,000 pieces and have a well proportioned build at the same time. 


Thank you for 5,000 supports!

Reaching the halfway mark in just 23 days was really crazy, and a huge achievement being that this is just my first ever Product Idea. Once again, thank you to everyone who supported the project! To celebrate here's a nice little image of the Krusty Krab in it's usual habitat. :)


Minor additions

Firstly I want to thank everyone of you who have supported this project! This is a bit of a belated update, but we've reached 1k way faster than I expected and now we're well on our way to 5k already! (I'll do something proper for 5k) Thank you again, I'm grateful for all your support and comments!

I thought the eating area was a bit plain looking at it from this view, so I added a couple things like the strings on the pillars/masts, and a "OPEN" sign on the front door. These are some of the details I either missed or didn't add previously. There are still a couple other details that could be added, but at this point it's really difficult to squeeze in more parts while staying below 3000 parts. (:D

For fellow LEGO rendering enthusiasts, I also added some scratches and fingerprints ;)

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