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Twin Towers (World Trade Center)


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The former Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC stood as one of the finest architectural landmarks and by submitting this model I wish to honor these majestic buildings. I never got to experience the towers in real life, but having them on display allows everyone to see the impact the Twin Towers had on a skyline.

I created the outline for this model in regards to the size of the official LEGO Empire State Building #21046 to have them co-exist in the same LEGO-verse. This model includes my adaption of the "Sphere" located at the plaza at the center of the complex. Furthermore it includes the outside-observatory on top of tower 2. The total brick count is 2374.

I hope you all find this model interesting! If you have any suggestion or contructive critisism feel free to let me know :-)

Best regards
Ken J.

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