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Alice in Wonderland


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"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense." - Alice

This idea is based on the animated movie Alice in Wonderland. I got inspired to tell Alice's journey in a way it was never told before. So I recreated her dreams as small scenes and connected as many as possible because nothing's impossible.

The story begins at the rabbit hole with a surprise, if you rotate the bow on her head she closes her eyes! At the same time a trap door opens and you can slide down with the minifigure to the first room where you get some advice from the talking knob.
In the second room you can find the caucus race which is also connected to the bow.
Going downstairs you'll find the third room with White Rabbit's house. The house is also controlled by the mechanism.
In the middle you can join the Mad Hatter and the March Hare for a tea pary, they'll all spin if you spin the bow.
In the last room there's a mini labyrinth scaled for trophy minifigures. In this land the Queen of Hearts rules over everything (and the King). This structure will rotate too once you turn the bow.
The project also includes the Caterpillar and you can paint the roses red.
I almost forgot! The Cheshire cat is hiding behind the big blue propeller, but he's not all there himself afterall.

The set includes around 2000 bricks.

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