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Working Image Projector "Magic Lantern"


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In the days before television, before moving pictures and even before the invention of limelight, a Dutch scientist invented a magical machine that could make pictures change in front of your very eyes. It wowed audiences at the time, and it became known as the Laterna Magica, or Magic Lantern.

Fast forward 400 years and we now have the LEGO version! However Magic Lantern doesn't use candles or gas or quicklime as the light source - it uses something much more modern that everyone has in their pocket: the flash light from your phone!

In a darkened room the images projected by the lantern are large, bright and colourful. The overall effect is fun and a little bit "mysterious".

So insert your phone, turn off the lights and amaze your friends and family with your very own Magic Lantern show!

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Brick count: 513 (+7 for each additional slide)
Size: 18cm long x 11cm wide x 18cm high
Projected image size: ø40cm/m, e.g. ø60cm at 1.5m
Lenses: 3 (ø10mm, 22mm focal length)
Mirror: 1 (6x6 studs chromed tile)
Stickers: 1 (+1 for each additional slide)

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