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Mini2WD SUPER Motorized Racer


One of the greatest hits of the 90s was the Mini4WDs motorized toy cars! They race around a walled track like days gone by, and you can launch them off the tracks at lightening speed! This project is my attempt to revive these amazing toy cars with LEGO's power function set #8293 as my foundation pieces (i.e. battery box/motor). 

A key design direction is to keep the car as small as possible, and that's why the battery box became the body that holds everything together. The hope is to have a base chassis where users can build off from like a formula. It would be amazing to see more Mini2/4WDs MOCs. Imagine a whole racing series based on that!  

  • New colour dish #2958 in Yellow.
  • 220 pieces
  • Motors 9V Power Functions M
  • 2WD/RWD
  • Wall rollers
  • 15 studs wide, 26 studs length, 11 studs height
  • Fit 16 studs wide track! (Not Included)

*Rendered in and without the cable between the motor to the battery box.

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