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Medieval Alchemist


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For quite some time now I really wanted to design a medieval themed build. Since there are so many fantastic medieval ideas out there, I was looking for a relative fresh angle, though. Furthermore, the model should provide for a lot of play and display value, the possibility of storytelling, a hint of mystery and some added function to the building.

It wasn’t until my youngest daughter borrowed a flora from her grandmother that named alchemists that the idea of ​​an alchemical workshop was born.

Alchemy was an ancient branch of natural philosophy in which scientists investigated matter speculatively. The alchemists tried to use the elements to change the essence of matter. An important purpose of alchemy was the manufacture of the Philosopher's Stone to turn common metals into gold, cure diseases and prolong life.

The three main parts of the model are connected by hinges. These make sure you can display the building in numerous ways. There is enough detail on all sides to ensure there is plenty to see in whatever way you wish to set up the model.

When hinged open, the model is fully accessible from the back. The shallow interior of 6 studs depth provides enough room for plenty of details, while making sure every area is easily reachable.

You can attach a kite to the top of the tower for capturing the electricity of a lightning bolt.

Function: Turning the lever turns the waterwheel, spins the coloured lens, and lets the smoke swirl out of the chimney. It also rotates the metal in the process of converting it to gold.

From left to right:

  • The tenacious alchemist
  • The somewhat simple assistant
  • The assistant's predecessor, who admirably, keeps performing his job as candleholder.

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