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Batman vs Deathstroke: Injustice Battle Arena Sets

The Batman and Deathstroke Battle has finally come to the world of Lego! It is the first of the exciting sets that I will be creating and hoping to add to the world of Lego CUUSOO. It is called Injustice Battle Arena Sets and will feature 2 minifigures and a colour decorated arena with a few extra bits to build to keep it real. Each one will have a different theme and for this one I used the Colour Red as one of Deathstroke's colours and blue as it is the colour of Deathstroke's bottom half in most comic book versions. Black obviously for the Bat and the setting is in a small records room which is why there is cupboards and boxes. The blue and red object at the back is for stacking and holding weapons as it is part of a small Armoury.

Now to the Figures. Batman is a different version and I would like it based on the Arkham Origins Version Batman and Deathstroke also from Arkham Origins. Batman has the standard batarang as weaponry but Deathstroke has a sword and a staff. Unfortunately there isn't a mask but i'm sure if this makes 10,000 that someone will look up Deathstroke's Arkham look and tell everyone what the mask should be like. Unfortunately there isn't a backpack weapon holder item to hold it so it'll have to do.

If you support this to 10,000 Then the much awaited Deathstroke minifigure will finally be introduced and my idea can go further bringing in more!

My other idea's feature Ra's Al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit, Prof. Hugo Strange and Wonder Tower, Anarky and a Government Building room, and Black Mask and the Manager's Office in the Sionis Steel Mill in Batman Arkham City and many more!

The more supporters, the more new figures of the Batman and DC world!

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