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France Map Relief 🇫🇷

This creation represents my country France, it is made up of 1470 pieces.
in this creation, you will find a frame with France in relief and in the background the flag which represents the colors of the country. at the top of this frame, you will find France written as well as a mini figurine with a wand 🥖..
I tried as much as possible to represent the reliefs, which represent the Pyrenees or the Alps and I also worked on the different rivers, which cross France, so you will find the Seine, the Loire, the Rhône and the Garonne.

This project can be considered as a map because it represents as faithfully as possible the relief of the map of France, but perhaps also decorative.

The advantage of this project is that it can be extended to other countries or other nations.

I built this project because I found the idea cool and found that bringing relief was quite magnificent to achieve using Lego bricks.

J'espère que cette création vous plaira. Il peut éventuellement être accroché au mur ou même posé sur une étagère.

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