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Post Apoc. Battle Bus


About This Project

This project is a vehicle that was created after the apocalypse by a gang to roam the wastes looking for supplies like fuel, water, food, or other survivors so they can take what they have. This gang is called the Raiders because they like to raid camps of survivors for supplies rather than search for the supplies themselves. The Battle Bus is equipped with flamethrowers on each side. which can pivot up/down and back/forth. The doors as well as the roof (in two spots) and the back can open to access the inside. Despite it's large size the Battle Bus is capable of high speeds and has good acceleration. The bus comes with the driver, two passengers, and a dog.There is still room for one more passenger up front and one or two in the back.

Play Features:

  • Doors open/close to access the inside.
  • Roof has two sections that open/close to access the inside.
  • The back opens/closes to let the passengers out of the back.


  • Three minifigures.
  • One dog.

I think this is a cool post apocalyptic vehicle that could have been mashed together using parts from a junkyard. If you like it please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.

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