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Expedition Camper Truck

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  • Mini-figure friendly
  • Stabilizers under the vehicle can be folded down
  • Rear bike rack can be raised or lowered
  • Rear bedroom slide out can extend to increase space
  • Middle roof section can be raised up to allow access to an upper deck
  • Front winch can be extended
  • Roof sections can be removed to access interior
  • Storage bays for use in the underbelly

There is spot lights all around the vehicle, a light mast with security camera, solar panels, an air conditioner, rear mounted camera, roof rack, spare tire, GPS, and access ladders on either side.

There are three TV sets, an additional TV monitor for security cameras, two dining tables, two large couches that can be converted into beds, two sinks, stove, oven, microwave, two refrigerators (one with freezer), washer and dryer, toilet, walk-in shower, desktop computer area, and a queen size bed.

This vehicle can sleep up to 7 mini-figures with the upper deck roof raised.

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