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Bigger On The Inside - TARDIS


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One of the main features of the Doctor's TARDIS is being larger on the inside. The unassuming wooden box contains a much larger interior than should be possible. I thought it would be fun to have a Lego model that not only replicates the iconic look of the rogue Time Lord's police box but also reflects the extra dimension it contains.

I used the Lego Digital Designer to make a model where the sides fold down and the TARDIS interior walls unfold to make a large play area complete with console and hat rack. Any completed model could have its interior altered to reflect whichever Doctor minifigure you were currently using (the eight Doctor's TARDIS would need a lot of pieces)

You might notice the base of the TARDIS has moving parts, in order to have the sides fold down flat, the base needs to move too or the bricks get in the way. I hope you like and support this project.

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