Contest Entry

Scoops Ahoy

Ahoy!  Only one thing may be better than waffles... waffles AND ice cream!  

This is the iconic set “Scoops Ahoy” from the Stranger Things 3 trailer.  My creation shows Steve and Robin serving up ice cream treats to Hawkins citizens, like little Holly.  It is a fully playable (and fun) set and it goes from good times to a scene of what may be lurking in the Starcourt Mall!

The set has different pieces that can create lots of varieties of ice cream creations- “flavors” in the serving area, cones, glasses and serving dishes.  There are blue and white checkered floor tiles with studs to pose an array of scenes in this classic wood paneled hangout.  The red booth seating is perfect for relaxing or hiding!   So order up a summer treat from your favorite teen retail sailors.  
It is so good someone left their waffle behind.