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Vintage Ice Cream Truck

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Runner Up


Hi everyone ! Here is my vintage car... which is rather a truck, an ice cream truck!

I wanted to create a design with soft lines, with a large retractable ice cone on the roof of the vehicle to be seen far by children from modular neighborhoods. An awning deploys on the side of the truck allow the glacier to sell its cones. A sign can be placed on the ground to attract the attention of walkers in the street. The big cone, the awning and the sign go inside the truck without problems to drive and change place!

I used a window front train / boat as a windshield, topped with a black mudgard. The speakers are made with tree palm trunks, and the sign above the windshield is composed of weapon guns. I didn't want to leave the back of the vehicle empty so I made a second big cone of ice, to be sure the greedy don't miss my truck!

I drew myself the visual stickers used, with a royalty free font.

I hope my first lego creation here will please you!