Contest Entry

Vintage Roadster Taxi


The LEGO Modular City just got a new driver, and they're driving you in style! This vintage taxi is perfect for driving through your LEGO modular city.

-Operable front hood trunk space to store wrench, spare rims, or luggage
- Replaceable front lights to bring the taxi to life
- An extra set of 4 rims and a wrench to customize the taxi

Set includes:
- Vintage black and yellow Taxi
- 2 Minifigures (Taxi driver and Passenger)
- Luggage for the passenger
- 1 hat for the driver and 1 hat for the passenger
- 2 sets of eyes and 1 set of clear lights
- 1 extra set of 4 rims
- 1 wrench

Thanks for reading! I'm happy to receive any questions or critiques, as this is my first contest entry.