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LUCA - The next big step

Many years ago, the hypothetical LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) microorganism, a product with very low chances of existing, gave rise to multiple types of life. Over the years, these organisms had to leave the water, gradually adapting, until they came out of the water but did not return to it, giving rise to the form of terrestrial life that we know today.

It's name is a way to honor what we could consider our greatest ancestor, a tribute to all life originated on earth, repeating an important step in greater magnitude, leaving home to adapt to other fascinating environments.

This vehicle goes from <the gateway> of a moon's orbit to the low Mars's orbit. This ship allows to send humans and resources to the surface fo Mars, with Vectors (virus shapes) or landers.

This spaceship has dorms, laboratories, warehouse of basic elements, and it's modular structure allow us to add functions to it, in order to send also technology to the mars's surface and recive from the moon or the earth.