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Moon to Mars Initiative

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Runner Up

Once LEGO City had set up a permanent research station on the Moon, they knew it was time to aim for Mars. They created the Lego Moon to Mars Initiative, an International Organization dedicated to sending Minifigure kind from the Lunar surface to the Red Planet. Scientists from Lego City, Bricksburg, and from across the studded seas in Bricklandia, came and designed the most powerful Slingshot ever. This method saves enormous amounts of fuel normally required for escape velocity, and is only possible on the Moon, where gravity is less than Earth's.

Four Astronauts were chosen for the mission, and after years of training, they are finally ready. Buckle up. It's gonna be a ride.

  • Over 2300 parts in total, 381 in the spacecraft
  • 3 custom decorations
  • Lights on rail indicate where a stability problem occurs
  • Coolant is pumped into the arms to neutralize friction heat
  • More info in Image #3
  • 3D Views: Spacecraft | Slinghot & Spacecraft

Thanks to Citrine for the main render!

Thank you for viewing!