Contest Entry

Colour Coordination


What could be easier than for any LEGO robotics to respond to commands, simply by saying a colour! 

My idea for implementing voice command technology into LEGO models allows you to interact and control powered models easily by saying a colour coded to a specific command. This would be compatible with the Mindstorms, BOOST and Powered Up lines.

How it all works
<font color="#000000">The source of power for this is with a specialised powered brick device called ‘VI-BRICK’, an alternative to a standard battery box sporting a bright multicoloured outer case, decals on the sides depicting the builds it can be integrated with, as well as an interface for actually changing the coded colours/commands to the user’s preference.

<font color="#000000">It also has a paired accessory in the form of a microphone (called the "MicolourPhone) with which the user can conventionally say the colours into. It likewise has a vibrant aesthetic look, as well as an attached plate for customising. Both devices are rechargeable, and they feature an LED which lights up when they're connected.

The Colour Codes:

The colour coding is split into 3 different categories, all of which can operate together (See pages for more details) ->

These are the contemporary colours for telling when a vehicle to go and in which direction.

For builds with LEDs, you simply say what the lighting is like to turn on the light.

You can make robots launch objects, as well as offer them some friendly compliments.

In Conclusion:

I believe this colour-coordinated system will make for an easy and enjoyable experience when interacting with LEGO robotics. It can also be somewhat educational with some of the particular colours allocated to certain commands; for instance, the green, yellow and red colour colour codes for transport would be good for younger users especially so they learn more about traffic light safety.

I think you will be over the rainbow with this voice experience for LEGO robotics! =)