Contest Entry

Inside a Pirate Ship



Have you ever asked yourself what living on a pirate ship would be like? If you have, this virtual floor is the best place to go and find out!

The floor is divided into two sections by the door and the mast in the middle of the room:
On the right side of the door there are two cannons along with cannonballs and other equipment. On a shelf on the side wall, hungry or thirsty minifigures can find a bottle, a cup and a frying pan, but there are also weapons such as a cutlass stored in a barrel and a gun.

On the left side there is a small captain's cabin with a shelf containing different valuable objects and the captain's hat holder in form of a skull. On the wall there is also a smaller shelf putting on display a bottle that might contain a small ship ... or it might just be a bottle of rum. On the table you can find a parrot and a treasure map, and apart from that, there is also a chest full of diamonds ...