Contest Entry

C O Z Y Cafe

Just a nice relaxing place to chill and sip on a warm cup of coffee. 

Since Tiny Tower has pixel art aesthetics, which I enjoy a lot, I wanted to try and capture that aesthetic using LEGO bricks! So I made the design and placement of the walls, floor, furniture, and appliances to look like what you would see in a pixel art room. (Also with some inspiration from Tiny Tower).  It was also fun exploring new and interesting building techniques for the floors, the tables, pastry display and the neon sign (made of rubber bands). 

I made this to serve as a Food floor in-game (I assume it's the same as Tiny Tower?), where it might sell stuff like coffee, donuts, and cookies. And just for funsies, I included a little animation that I made for the neon sign. (I don't know if there will be animations for the rooms in the actual game, but it was fun making it).

Also thanks to Mecabricks, I was able to achieve a funky look to the cafe in the images!