Contest Entry

Japanese Apts

So I saw a few different themed apartments in the examples they gave us, and I decided to make a classic Japanese style apartment. My original idea looked was planned to look much more different then my final model, but as I was building it I built by instinct and this is what I came up with.

My model has patterned floor for where the minifigs would walk in the game, and a different colored floor for where the furniture goes. The walls have the classic Japanese dojo style, with the wooden beams, and mine have some lanterns hanging on the wall. The right side of the apt has a table with a small potted plant, surrounded by some red mats for sitting on. There is a bigger potted plant and a display case behind the table. I have also included a bed and a bedside table on the right side. The left side has a few cabinets and a rack for holding kitchen utensils.

I spent a lot of time building this on LDD, and then rendering it on BlueRender.

I could not add more photos due to bad internet. :(