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The Ultimate Stoneage Gadget Kit

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Runner Up

Attention! All Bedrock citizens!

New at Sammy's Stone-Age Store is the latest and greatest...  ...Household Gadget Kit!

This new, highly useful kit is packed with the latest and best quality of Bedrocks inventions. It has everything that you could need to help you out around the home. With it, you will be able to mow the lawn, trim the bushes, water the garden, open jars, cut the veg and chisel messages like never before! How can you call yourself a modern stone-age citizen without all these modern conveniences?

Items included:
  • A grass gobbling Dinosaurus gobblus
  • The amazing watering-can Pelecanus waterus
  • A sharp nosed Fishus sawus
  • A sharp beaked Birdus cuttus
  • An ever handy Birdus hooknose 
  • A piece of the finest Bedrock slate
  • A perfectly carved bone chisel and a sturdy stone hammer
  • And a practice stone jar for your Birdus hooknose

The items in this kit work in real life. e.g. as you push the lawnmower, its mouth opens and closes and the birds' beaks open and close.

NB 100% official LEGO elements