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The Legends of Monument Valley

Runner Up

Runner Up

Most auto enthusiast agree that Henry Ford and Carroll Shelby produced one of the most iconic car in history, the 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. This is the car that my entry represents. "When you take a horse, and give it the fangs of a reptile"
I chose Monument Valley in Utah as location, because that place represents strength, freedom, and raw power. The power of nature, the power of stallions, and the grand formations across the land. Exactly where such a powerful iconic car can live life at fullest.

In my images I pay tribute to the wild horses, the beautiful scenery, Henry Ford and Carroll Shelby, and the road.

This LEGO project was the most challenging I ever created, because in addition to a completely new car design -where I payed attention to scale, curves, and body ratios-  I also built horses, cobras, road, and landscape. Especially the mountains were challenging, where I used multiple methods of creation to catch the beauty of erosion and sediment.

I hope you enjoy.