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Nothing like a Ford on a lake

Runner Up

Runner Up

"Isn't it dreamy to take a trip to a shallow lake and cruise on it? As you enjoy the blankets of water splashing away at the sides and feeling the nice cool breeze of spring."

After a fun and anxiety filled experience (as well as my computer suffering from an NDE), I am proud to present my diorama of a Ford cruising on a lake! The Ford model presented is the iconic 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 (in blue colors). The lake diorama isn't based on a real location of a lake, and is based off my imagination. I did my best to capture the beauty of nature in this scene and mix in some cool photography effects into the shot.

On a design note, the lake diorama has many elements in it, such as the road, trees, bridge etc. The road was included as a means to balance the lake, while the bridge was added as a framing tool for the shot, and to add some vertical arc to balance the curved shape of the base. Thankfully, the trees helps balance the height of the bridge.

Parts: ~90k

Dimensions: 7.5' x 8x5'