Sega Classic Arcade Machines


Shenmue, New Photos and other Updates

First of all, thank you to all the voters out there and for everyone who is helping to get the word out about this! We can't do this without your awesome support, and I am totally amazed by what the gaming community is doing for this! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I just wanted to reiterate some things and share some images and info that not everyone might be aware of. 

First of all, you can see the updates to the original project here:
You'll be able to see a mockup of what a Ryo Hazuki minifigure might look like, my build of what a Hang-On cab might look like, and an updated model of Out Run. Note that these are just my own interpretations and that if this becomes a real set, the final product could look completely different and hopefully better!

What's really going to be in the set if it gets made?
I don't know! Ultimately, it's going to be up to Lego and Sega. I'm hoping that Lego will try to include the machines I wanted to build, but couldn't (After Burner) and I'm really hoping for a Ryo Hazuki minifigure, but we must acknowledge that these may not be included.

If you want to share the project with someone (even verbally), you can use this shorter link:

Finally, I've updated the Hang-On faux advertisement with new text and created a Space Harrier in the same style.

Thank you!

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