Contest Entry

Attack on Hoth

Hi. Here's my vision of one of the most iconic battles from Star Wars films, the Battle of Hoth and the most common scene, with small but swift Snowspeeders attacking monumental, fearsome AT-ATs.

Diorama includes 4 models, AT-AT, Snowspeeder, AT-ST and a turret all in minifig scale. I've built this scene basing on pics from the film and games and I've payed a lot of attention to details, models are very highly imitated to the originals, wherein are quite tough and playful.

I was creating the AT-AT, thinking of it as a UCS model, with lots of functions. It's fully posable with opening interior with troops, weapons, spy droids and speeder bikes. The ground is made of 3 baseplate modules and 5 smaller. On two baseplates, terrain is built with difficult and time-consuming technique, so I had to end with that, but whole project is developmental and I plan building more modules in the future and perform at local afol exhibitions.

This is my first this big project and I hope You will like it!