The Adventures of the USS Cardboard


3-2-1... Blast off!

It's been a real blast hearing from you!🚀Thank you so much for the tremendous outpour of support for my set. Whether or not it gets voted in, I'm just really really happy that it resonated with so many of people.

Until our next great adventure, make sure to follow my profile for more fun projects. This is the USS Cardboard, signing off!😊


Here’s a cool little fact about my set… The Cardboard Box was actually inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame back in 2005.📦 Meanwhile, LEGO has also been in the Hall of Fame since 1998. 😊 

Piece Count

I just realized that I forgot to include the piece count for this set in the description. Here's what the set looks like completely taken apart. My design has a total of 169 pieces in it.

Cats in Spaaace!

While the cat included with the USS Cardboard might seem like just a cute set detail, its inclusion is actually rooted in the long history of cats in space and science fiction. Here's a timeline of famous felines who have ventured out beyond the stars!

The Complete Story! :)

When I submitted my design for this set, I didn't know that LEGO Ideas contests only allowed us to upload 5 images. I actually prepared a whole bunch of images that told a longer story and showed the play features of this set even more.

If you'd like to chart out the complete journey of the USS Cardboard, scroll down... Adventure awaits! :)

5 Things You Should Know About "The Adventures of the USS Cardboard"

With only 5 days left to vote, I thought it would be fun to share 5 interesting tidbits about my design!😊 Check them out below. :)

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