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That's one small step for a minifig...

Runner Up

Runner Up


This little one-man lander allows a minifig to land safely on the surface, plant a flag, and get back to the Command Shuttle in time for supper.

The design was inspired by the Lunar Module with it's two-part Ascent Stage and Descent Stage. The top part (Ascent Stage) is connected to the base (Descent Stage) by a single stud. The Lunar Module also has a distinct 'face' so I tried to give this lander its own little face too.

The lander features multiple antenna, adjustable thrusters, and a front hatch for the minifig to climb out to get to the surface. The roof section also sits on a couple of hinge bricks to allow for easier minifig access. The legs on the base are able to be unclipped and folded back into a 'stowed' position. Finished off with a classic space paint job, this lander is ready to launch.