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Cosmic Rocket Ride! (Coin Operated)

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Grand Prize


For every moment in space, there are millions of dreamers on Earth.  Keep the dream alive with the Coin Operated Cosmic Rocket Ride! 

There was a time where a mere idle coin in your parent's pocket could transport you to the final frontier!  From the irresistible lights that drew you in, to the clanky whir of the gizmo hidden in the base, this retro themed space rocket ride brings the fantasy to heart once again!

In the back of the base is a crank that you can rock back and forth to give the ride an authentic motion.  Or you can turn the crank completely to give the rider a more high flying exciting time.  When resting on display, the rocket can be left with a hopeful skyward tilt as it yearns for the stars.

This model has about 115 pieces.  And the rider can be a regular Minifigure or a Lego Friends Mini-Doll!

See it in action in this short video:

Keep the Dream of Space alive with the Coin Operated Cosmic Rocket Ride!