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Cosmic Slingshot Rocket

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Runner Up


This Cosmic Slingshot Rocket Set was inspired by the classic rocket we all know and love. It combines the iconic aesthetic with an enjoyable building experience and provides a great playset when assembled. It is a whimsically, fun space set that I believe would be greatly enjoyed by Lego fans of all ages. 

This set contains 328 pieces 

Rocket- 304 pieces plus 3 fire elements

Astronaut- 13 pieces including helmet, hair, pack, weapon, and 2 laser elements

Flag Pole- 8 pieces

This set measures 8.75 inches tall when standing and 10.25 inches tall with fire elements attached. The base of the rocket measures at 4 inches to the edge of the fins while the circular column measures at 3.25 inces in diameter. 

The foundation of the rocket are parts; 32529, 48336, 60470, and 4185 at the top and base of the rocket allowing it to have a hollow interior while maintaining its structural integrity. 

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