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Halley's Return


Once in a lifetime, twice if you're really lucky, this visitor from the darkness swings past to say hello.  This really is a moment in space / time.

Halley's Comet was the first comet to be recognised as a periodic comet, visiting the inner solar system once every 75 years or so.  It's named after Edmund Halley who correctly identified it way back in 1705 having realised that several previous sightings of a comet were actually sightings of the same comet on an orbital path he had calculated.  Its next perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) is in 2061.

This model comes in at a little over 200 pieces, and includes a mock-up of the main bodies of the solar system as Halley comes to call once again.  The design shown can be rotated and is readily swooshable - mini-figures can admire it from below!

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