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Micro Space Launch


Space exploration is the greatest adventure of mankind. This set captures that excitement by letting you actually launch a rocket into space!

Micro Space Launch Pad consists of 280 pieces in a 14x14 base, with a max width (when closed) of 16x16. A simple mechanism allows you to push a lever to trigger some amazing and fun actions: a countdown clock reveals the time remaining before launch, and a mini transport carries two PLAIN WHITE FIGURES back and forth to the site. In the center, the high-tech fusion core draws closer and closer to the rocket as the timer goes down, until it touches it and lets you launch it by twisting the lever!

You can place your micro figures in the platform or inside the launch vehicle, and watch them soar into the sky. The set also includes a mission control room with 2 technicians, and 2 engineers that observe the launch from the safety of the observation deck.

Words don't do this set justice! Watch it in action in this NEW video