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Harley Davidson FullOrbit™


The Harley Davidson FullOrbit™ is a near future emission free motorcycle that features an aggressive and angled design for maximum aerodynamics and power. It's great for use on Earth, but it's best suited for travel on other planets and moons. With the advent of space travel, astronauts can now explore the terrains of other planets like they never left Earth!


- Equipped with an artificial intelligence module (H.A.R.L.E.Y.) to assist drivers with navigation, traffic, terrain, and danger. Also capable of autonomous driving.

- V-Twin engine runs on hydrogen fuel cells for a clean and eco-friendly motorcycle.

- Suspension adapts to different planets gravity to ensure optimal traction when riding.

- Solar panels fold out on both sides of motorcycle which serves as an alternate power source.

- Exhausts just expel excess water...

PS. The recycle logo sticker is used from 853921 Xtra Brick Stickers set. Also, LDD allowed me to color Mindstorm parts in weird colors, so I hope that's okay :D