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Forward Command Center


This is a Forward Command Center seen in the Battle of Geonosis in Star wars - Attack of the Clones From 2002.
I propose to have a set with the same minifigures and blasters as seen on the picture
It`s made from spareparts that i have had left.

This is a great set and is a thing that has been missing from Lego Star Wars since the movie came out in 2002. It`s a set that you can use in MOC of The battle of Geonosis, battle of Kashyyyk, and many other great battle scenes seen in the Clone Wars. 

It`s 24cm wide, 14 cm long, and 15cm tall.

If it where up to me and i was going to buy it from Lego i would at least have five of these because then you have one for almost every Major battle scene. 

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