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Ultimate Camper Trailer


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The original inspiration for the camper trailer was a Lego model of a Toyota FJ40 which is a vehicle I actually owned years ago and did a lot of camping with the family. Having gotten into Lego as an adult (when I was over 60!) I was inspired to design a camper trailer. I was pleased with how it looked but it was pretty basic and did not have much playability. I always intended to upgrade it. Five years on, I have done so and this new "ultimate" model is the result.

It is a fully funtional camper trailer and like a real one it packs away for travel but unpacks into a comfortable place to camp. I really worked hard on figuring out how to pack everything away so that you wonder where it all goes. In fact it is almost a solid block of Lego when packed.

It brings back a lot of memories of when my kids were young and really developed a lifelong love of the outdoors through the camping we did.

There seem to be very few camper trailers in the Lego world but lots of 4WD vehicles which could tow one. So this model might help to balance things out. It has great playability around a whole camping theme which is also not very prominent in Lego.

It is over 1300 parts and designed to avoid rare parts. It is a great build and I am excited to be able to make it a reality.

The major features include:

  • Full trailer with suspension, retractable "jockey wheel" and spare wheels.
  • A fishing boat that fits nicely on the roof of the trailer for transport. It is fitted out with seats, outboard motor with fuel tank and fishing rods that can be stowed on the roof of the trailer.
  • Retractable support legs that fold down at each corner to support the trailer when in use. These are low profile so as not to spoil the ground clearance.
  • Fully fitted out interior with luxurious double bed, flat screen TV on a foldable arm, drawers and a cooker.
  • Walls including windows that allow the roof to be in the "popped-up" position. This stows away neatly into the roof cavity like a 3D jigsaw puzzle.
  • An awning with support poles that attaches to the roof when it is in the "popped-up" position. This stows away partly inside the trailer and partly on the roof.

Other features include:

  • Satellite dish which can be stowed for travel or deployed for use.
  • Solar panels that can be stowed or deployed. (These are off the ISS).
  • Stands for the boat when it is not stowed on the roof using the boat tied-downs as slings.
  • Two gas cylinders
  • The jockey wheel is a caster so it self steers when the trailer is moved.

I hope you like the model and would really appreciate your support to help bolster this gap in the Lego line up. It would be terrific if this started a whole Lego camping/outdoors theme which lends itself to playability.

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