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Martian Tripod


New feet and arms

I was just wondering what would make a better foot for the Tripod: here are a some alternatives; and a new set of tentacles making easier to handle the tools.




I also tried creating a hamstring: using the stick with holder inserted into the cross of each Technic Rotor and linked by a rubber band - works really well on the prototype - I used a pipe to simulate it on the picture. 


Stronger legs for Tripod

Some have commented on the apparent lack of strength in the legs.  It has been a worry, I created just one leg as a prototype and was amazed at how much strength the small ratchet joints had, but the head has grown and may just be too top heavy now.  I wanted to keep the sense of sentient movement and skinny legs that HG Well's described and didn't want to go too far down the Mech route. 

I come from a theatre background and we had a saying "The only thing better than a half hitch knot - is two half hitch knots."  So all I've done is increase each leg joint to two small ratchets.  The legs got too big otherwise.   A new foot had to be designed, which I prefer to the old one which was quite lazy by comparison. 

Hope you like it - I'm trying to fix the netting to the rear prongs in LDD - not easy, but should be my next update.

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