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Steampunk: Crawling Turret

This is one of the 3 steampunk vehicles I've made. This one is a crawling turret with 4 legs and a furnace in back. To fit the steampunk theme, I've included 2  gears in front, a pressure valve alsoin front, a few pipes and gave it the color scheme of gold, brown and grey to make it look like it was made of brass, wood, and iron. The terrain it's on is an abandoned mineshaft and surrounded by crystals, which lies on an 8x8 plate. Ideally I hope to start a lego steampunk series rather than just have this one creation be turned into a set. If you've enjoyed this poject please do consider supporting this creation. Also check out my other 2 steampunk creations- the steampunk helicopter and the steampunk submarine, The Anchor.

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