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Goldrake alias Atlas Ufo Robot


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In the 76, if i remember well, in Italy was a luxury having a color TV... thanks to my father we had our first color Tv , but there were no many channel, just 3 or 4

This was the period where the first "manga" or cartoon of the series like Goldrake arrived in Italy, and with this cartoon I was passing all my afternoon after study

like the TV was a lux even have games...and as a child (at that period I was only 7 ) I was dreming my own Goldrake

In the 80 I had a lot of lego, was more or less 11 when I start to try to build my own lego Goldrake, but was impossible.

Now finally my dream came true, and I hope this dream will been true for many other man like me, my nex step will be to create a big one, Like the 5000 pieces of millennium falcon, with all the function of the real Goldrake

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