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The Simpsons Springfield Elementary School



Springfield Elementary School is an elementary school from the tv show The Simpsons which Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and many other children of Springfield, such as Nelson Muntz, Janey Powell, Jimbo, Martin Prince, Ralph Wiggum and Milhouse Van Houten attend. The principal is Seymour Skinner and its superintendent, who often visits the school, is Gary Chalmers.

The project is mostly influenced by the episode 'Brick like me'. Springfield Elementary contains three classrooms : a regular classroom, a science classroom (or an other regular classroom to get the both classrooms of Lisa and Bart) and a musical classroom. It contains also the office of the principal Seymour Skinner, a main corridor (with some lockers, a school bell, a garbage and a extinguisher) and toilets. The different rooms include some speakers.

I proposed an half school so that the price of the set could be reasonable and if possible the set could include the playground of the school with the Willie's shack ( ).

The minifigures for the set could be Seymour Skinner, Elizabeth Hoover, Groundskeeper Willie, Gary Chalmers or Dewey Largo, Sherri and Terri Mackleberry, Uter Zorker, Janey Powell (to get new Lego minifigures of The Simpsons). But you can propose all your suggestions of characters and things to include to the set in your comments. You are very welcome. There are so many other possibilities. I think the fans of LEGO and The Simpsons would be enjoy to get more sets for their minifigures then I propose different sets to complete The Simpsons House and the Kwik-E-Mart like this one and also :

The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop with the orange Station Wagon of Marge Simpson

King Toot's Music Store

Krusty Burger with pink Sedan of Homer Simpson

Noise Land Video Arcade with Geo Metro of Ned Flanders

Springfield Elementary School Playground

Springfield Town Square with the Statue of Jebediah Springfield

Hope you to enjoy this Idea everyone. Please add your support if you like it.



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