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Thunderbirds Junglecat


Thunderbirds Jungle Cat or Side Winder, which has 5 crew members total, or 3 pilots in the cockpit and 2 more engineers in the rear of the vehicle.

It has a piece count of 2750 pieces with the tree, and or 2650 pieces without.

Note the walking sequence pictures 2 thur 7.


1. Both the stern and bow have hinged top roofs for easy access to the front cockpit or rear engineering, as this mechanical beast is powered by two twin nuclear reactors.

2. No weapons on this International resuce team converted vehicle from a epsiode 2 of the first season called Pit of perile. As this is an all terrain deep jungle exploration vehicle, which doubles as a mobile Thunderbirds lab. 

3. The top turrets x 4 have been re-fitted with chain harpoon winches, which have more then enough horse power to pull the Jungle Cat out of the deepest of holes, or help it climp up steep rock faces etc., at a near 90 degree angle. This feature was devised by Brains so as to prevent any catastrophies, such as when it orignally collapsed thru the jungle floor, falling 300 feet into the pit of perile, where the rescue team used its harpoon vehicles to pull it from the hole. 

3. Twin claw arms can lift in access of 50 tons, as you can see they easily uproot trees. 

4. All four legs are double hinged with ball and socket style joints, which allow for multipule points of articualtion. The original design had thinner bird like legs, which had no articualtion beyond connection points to bottom of the Jungle cat. So this new design as you can see can get much lower, and can achieve a better center of gravity and allows for more mobility over steeper and more rugged terrains.

Thanks as always for that vote and check out my other Thunderbirds builds

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