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Beamer Stands


Beamers are a unique way for your phones,controllers and Ipad stands can be fun not hard to put together I came up with this Idea that lots of people have spare parts of lego and so I wanted to show that Beamers could Interlink and show what can be done. 

I would like to be able to do more but wanted just to show what I had created from the beams in lego sets.

These do not move They work by putting a mini remote control fan as you can see in picture and hold Ipads, Iphones. It gives you the freedom to navigate instead of holding the Ipad or iphones. Some people can get tired of holding there phone and Ipad. Would love to make a travel one which is foldable that can be used on planes,trains and buses. 

They are very sturdy they hold well and have been used in our home. 

Please look at our other photos Thankyou

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