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Platoon Attack Craft

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This is a set based on the Platoon Attack Craft(PAC) seen in Star Wars EP. 1 The Phantom Menace. The one produced in 2011 disappointed me as it only carried 8 battle droids compared to the 112 it can carry in the Star Wars universe. I used the set Lego produced in 2011 as a basis for this one. My design carries 24 B1 battle droids with backpacks and blasters. It also carries 2 blasters for the pilot droids driving it. Also included in the set would be 5 Gungan Warriors, with 2 of them riding Kadduu mounts. The kadduu mold from 2001 is not on LDD or I would have used it for this. This set would be a great army builder for both your droid and Gungan armies. The set has 445 pieces although this will change if the actual Kadduu mold is used. The transport itself is made up of 235 pieces while the droids and their blasters are made up 180 pieces. A brown STAP may also be included in the set.

A close up view of the rack with the battle droids and blasters.

A picture of the PAC itself.

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